Nova Scotia Bird Watching

The Annapolis Valley is located on the Atlantic Flyway, making it popular for watching numerous species of birds, sea birds, shore birds and waterfowl. The Fall migration attracts bird watchers from all over North America and Europe. Visit this link describing a visit by a group with the American Birding Association in September 2002

Experience the best of Nova Scotia bird watching along the Bay of Fundy’s Atlantic Bird Migratory Flyway. Coastal regions are great sources of entertainment for both avid birders and casual bird watchers. Nova Scotia enjoys a rich compliment of over 400 bird species that appear thoughtout the province. Many (over 170) regularly can be found in our area on a dependable basis from rare, uncommon or common throughout all months of the year.



Come visit us in January

Every winter there is a display you can see no where else in the world.. The Great Nova Scotia Eagle Watch which takes place usually in late January in nearby Sheffield Mills. Visit the event website here


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Brier Island

With more the 170 speicies spotted (including rarities such as the cattle egrets, western kingbird, scarlet tanager, Mississippi kite), Brier Island will surprise and delight the avid or casual bird watcher. Regulars include Leach’s storm-petrels, turkey vultures and many species of waterfowl, raptors, owls, warblers, etc.

Spring is a good time to spot arriving migrants and rarities, summer is great for breeding terns and pelagic seabirds. Fall is a good time for everything, but especially for the hawk migration. October’s blue skys bring kettles of broad-winged and sharp-shinned hawks drifting across the sky all day heading south. The island is the winter home for coastal birds such as sea ducks, loons, grebes, etc.

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