Our Own Maple Syrup

Carwarden Bed & Breakfast produces its own supply of maple syrup from trees on the property.

Two reliable signs of spring at Carwarden are the cheerful crocus blooms glowing in the sunny south facing garden, and the appearance of spiles and sap collection buckets on the maple trees.

The frosty nights and warm sunny days are causing the maple sap to run freely, promising a good yield. When the sap is slowly boiled down on the kitchen wood stove, it becomes purely delicious maple syrup, a welcome treat at the Carwarden breakfast table where it is served with pancakes or Belgian waffles. This is Slow Food and local food at its best!

March is when maple trees are tapped to capture the spring flow of sap generated by frosty nights and warm sunny days. On a good day, as much as 12 gallons of clear sap may be collected, which is then simmered for a couple of days on the kitchen wood stove until it yields about one quart of maple syrup.